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October, 2023:

Album Completed.

Sugar Honey Iced Tea is completely recorded and mixed.  Listen to it on here on Spotify.

Archived Sunday Benefit concerts:

Interview with McMedia about the Sunday Backyard Concert fundraisers:


CNBC interview/article on Horse Ownership:


Channel 25 Hagerstown Interview:

WTOP Washington article about my Authentic Derby horse ownership

Channel 5 video about my Authentic Derby horse ownership:

Original song featured in award winning movie:

A song I co-wrote with Marc Evans, which I play on is featured 3 times in an award winning movie, "Stay", directed by Darryl Wharton.  Click here to watch it on Amazon.

Sirius XM feature on the Dave Koz show on Watercolors:

Listen to Watercolors on Sunday March, 8 where the Dave Koz show will feature Big Tall Wish, by Christian DeMesones.   I play and solo on the song.   It can be streamed here on YouTube.

Upcoming Shows:

Shows this month and June appear to be cancelled, however, Cityview may resume at some point.

Click schedule for more information.

Album and Concert Review:

Great review for my latest album at The Smooth Jazz Ride.

Also a great review of the Big NY Smooth Jazz Allstars concert. (Scroll down to see it ).

Montgomery Sentinal Review:

Great article and interview  from the Montgomery Sentinal covering the Silver Spring Jazz Festival.  Click here.

Upcoming shows are club performances at  Cityview and Heatwave shows.

Click the schedule for details.


Sirius XM Aiplay:

Got my BMI Statement and found that my tunes

are on Sirius XM radio as well as in-flight

airline programs.  Also Serbian Television.

Foreign TV Commercials/TV Shows

From a Youtube search, I found the following foreign TV Commercials featuring my music:

Japanese Resturant Commercial:

Peruvian Chocolate commercial:

Japanese Home Improvement TV Show: (about 1 minute in)

Itallian Villa Commercial

FunkE Fired Arts
WCTI Silica Based Technology
Comer 2nd Generation LED Light
Golf Video
Cooking Video
Camping Village Terazza Sul Mare
Kessler test


I was featured on CNN.COM.  

Click here to read the article.

GOODBYE MP3.COM,  It was fun while it lasted. 









Bassist, Tony Whitfield, has released a single, New York Hustle, a remake of Van McCoy's hit, with Hiram Bullock, who works with David Sanborn and Marcus Miller.  It also features Christina Aguilera's horn section.  Here is a link to hear a sample of the record:

JAZZART (From Russia) covering my song "Bladum" in music competition

Pandora Station:

Check out my Pandora station, I've also heard

tunes by Brian Culbertson and Gerald Albright

mixed in. Good company to be in. You can also check it out here:

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